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A place for Me [Dec. 22nd, 2008|10:46 am]
The Daily Show & The Colbert Report Fangirling


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Hello there! I just discovered this community. It is perfection! Exactly what I need, as I too squee incessantly about my love for Jon and Stephen all over my livejournal (and occasionally my Facebook too)...

So, a bit about me!

Name: Nikki
Age: 20
Location: Montreal, Canada
How long have you been a fangirl (or boy)?: I've been a fangirl for about three or four years. I made the transition from regular fan to obsessed fangirl after I saw Jon's appearance on Crossfire. Probably had something to do with him calling Tucker Carlson a dick on national television.
Truthiness who is your favorite?: Jon. I could go on forever, but he's just so smart and funny!
How often do you watch the show(s): I watch The Daily Show virtually every night, and The Colbert Report about a couple times a week. It's 12:40 by the time Stephen's on, and I often have very early-morning classes...
Favorite moment?: Just one? It has to be Jon's amazing words following the 9/11 tragedy. As I said above, I'm Canadian, and so the events of 9/11 were not as personal and painful for me as they were for so many Americans. I was also 13 years old, and my awareness of its effect on America and the world in general was not as great as it is today. I discovered the speech Jon gave a few years ago before the YouTube Purge, and his words just filled me with such an incredible understanding. I think it was that moment that Jon became one of my heroes. He has such a way with words, but the way he exposed himself that day is without a doubt my favourite Daily Show moment.
Have you ever been lucky enough to be in the audience of either of the show(s)?: Unfortunately not. I blame it on the proximity issue, but I have made it my mission to do it one day. If I ever actually make it New York City, I'm so there! (If I had to choose, it would have to be TDS!)

I'm so glad this community exists! I definitely need it in my life!